Newton Kwik-Dump Valves

 Newton Extension Chutes 

All Newton Chutes are available in prime painted mild steel or stainless steel.

  • Slip-On Extension
  • Electric Auto Chute
  • Elbow Chute
  • Flip Chute
  • Air Auto Chute
  • Telescoping Chute

Three Styles are Available:

  • Mild Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum
Model 2024 - 24" Slip-on Extension Chute
Model 2036 - 36" Slip-on Extension Chute
Model 2048 - 48" Slip-on Extension Chute
Model 3012 - Flip Chute - Shown mounted on a Model 1010 Valve.  This chute can mounted on any Newton Kwik-Dump Valve
Model 5018 - 18" Auto Chute - Electrically operated, shown on a 1070 Valve.  Can be mounted or retrofit on 1030, 1080, or 1085 Valve. Model 5018A - 18" Auto Chute - (Pictured open) Air operated, shown on a 1080A Valve.  Can be mounted on a 1070A or a 1085A Valve.
Model 2090 - Elbow Chute - Designed to enable you to dump to the left or right.  The Elbow Chute is tapered to slip over the Valve and our slip-on extensions fit over the opposite end to extend to the side of the truck. Model 4036 - Telescoping Chute - Extends 36" beyond Valve.  Slides back to 24" when not in use.  Shown on a Model 1010 Valve, can be mounted on any Newton Kwik-Dump Valve.  The Model 4036 can also be retrofit on Newton Valves in service.

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