Fol-Da-TankIt was more than thirty-five years ago that the first Fol-Da-Tank was introduced to firefighters, who recognized its value and quality immediately.  In fact, the quality was so good many of these original models are still on the job, perform like new.   Fol-Da-Tank was proven to be the practical answer as an extra water supply for rural areas, where water pressure is low or as a backup facility for municipal fire departments.  It is available in nine standard sizes.

Fol-Da-Tank doubles the firefighters fighting ability of a tanker truck.  At an affordable price.

Construction Features:

  • Rugged Hypalon, Vinyl, or Canvas liners.
  • Frame is resistance welded 14-gauge 7/8" steel tubing with snag-free finish
  • Die cut, cadium-plated hinges, solid brass grommets, and heavy-duty bolts.

Easy Setup and Take-Down   10" Diameter Drain Sleeve
Easy Unloading & Setup                               10" Diameter Drain Sleeve

Two men can unload and set it up in less than 30 seconds.  While the pumper empties the Fol-Da-Tank, the tanker can be bringing more water.  With the fire out, Fol-Da-Tank can be emptied quickly with the exclusive 10" diameter drain sleeve.




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